Exploring the Royal Palace – VIDEO

Due to its strategic economic position as the transfer point between the ancient highland world and the lowland cities, Cancuen became incredibly rich with the largest workshops of the Maya in both jade and obsidian, and one of the largest Classic Maya royal palaces. Follow along while I continue our tour through Cancuen!

Navigate through the jungle with me as I explain everything you need to know about the forest and the function of the “killer trees.”

Next, we visit the excavations of the royal palace, led by one of my best archaeologists, Edy Joaquin…

And finally, a visit to the excavations of veteran archaeologist Miryam Saravia. Saravia is excavating the outer palace rooms and a strange shrine. Join us in conversation as we discuss how these excavations point to new, surprising evidence on the royal massacre at the royal palace.

Stay tuned for more adventurous videos of our many, many excavation sites.

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