Join Me in Making a New Discovery – VIDEO

Follow along as I continue our tour through Cancuen! We start at the camp and then we move toward the jungle to show the only place that is really our home, our hut-tent complex in the jungle, 100-feet above the river. Then, join us as we walk through the jungle to the entrance of the palace and the scene of the great royal mass assassination. Next, we go up through the great entrance to the palace and audience rooms. We move on to visit each of the excavations in the palace (which covers an area larger than six football fields) where we make a new discovery in real time. These digs are made possible by Vanderbilt University and by our leading archaeologists on my team, including my co-director Paola Torres.

Welcome to our home! Join Vilmita and I in our hut…

We arrive at the sacred cistern at the entrance to the palace, scene of the great royal mass assassination of the king, queen, and the nobility (men, women, children) and the destruction and abandonment of the site and its
kingdom at about AD 800…

We arrive at the palace through its grand stairway and into the entrance and audience chambers…

At the palace door, Paola Torres shares her excavations with us…

Join us as we make a new discovery…


Stay tuned for more videos where we explore more discoveries and excavation sites in Cancuen!

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